Reiki Council Officers

The Reiki Council has a lay chair, a secretary and two treasurers in addition to the representatives of its member organisations. 

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Chair: Brenda Davies

Brenda is a Reiki Master teacher based in Rothes, Scotland.

Secretary: Anne-Marie Carratu

Anne-Marie is a Reiki Master Teacher teaching to National Occupational Standards for Reiki. She has been studying Reiki since 2001 and is a full-time Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.

Treasurer: Jeanne Long 

Jeanne is a Reiki Master Teacher teaching accredited Reiki courses. She has been studying Reiki since 1999 and became the Reiki Council treasurer when the Reiki Council was formed. She is currently the Acting Reiki Council treasurer plus is a member of the Profession Specific Board for Reiki with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Reiki Council member representatives

  • Barbara Bailey - Reiki and Seichem Association - RASA 
  • Anne-Marie Carratu - UK Reiki Federation
  • Andy Chrysostomos - Profession Specific Boards/The Reiki Guild
  • Brenda Davies - Reiki and Seichem Association - RASA 
  • Tripuri Dunne - The Reiki Alliance/The Reiki Association
  • Martyn Farringdon - Independent Professional Therapists International
  • Annie Harrington - UK Reiki Federation 
  • Melanie Hoffstead - The Reiki Alliance
  • Kate Jones - Profession Specific Boards/The Reiki Association
  • Wendy Liles - Profession Specific Boards/UK Reiki Federation
  • Jeanne Long - Profession Specific Boards/The Reiki Connection
  • Casey Marie - The Reiki Guild
  • Alis PavelThe Reiki Association
  • Rosemary Pharo - The Reiki Guild/Complementary Therapists Association
  • Robert Torry - Complementary Therapists Association
  • Louise Segui - The Reiki Guild