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The Reiki Council is the lead advisory body for Reiki practitioners in the UK. Through its member associations it represents the views of people giving Reiki to the public across the UK. The Reiki Council is non-profit-making organisation that sets standards and guidelines, providing information and advice. The Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) was formed in 2002 being established as the Reiki Council in July 2008.

Find a Practitioner or Teacher

When looking for a practitioner or teacher, we recommend you always look for a member of a reputable organisation and preferably one that is affiliated to the Reiki Council. For Reiki Council member organisations please

Reiki Member Organisations

Reiki member organisations currently offering the Reiki Council and CNHC accreditation through the Reiki National Occupational Standard verification services are:
The Reiki Association; The Reiki Connection; The Reiki Guild; UK Reiki Federation and Complementary Health Professionals.

The Reiki Council aims to offer a platform for all styles of Usui Reiki and its guidelines are non-style-specific.

What is Reiki Medic-care?

Reiki Medic-Care supports the wellbeing of hospital doctors, nurses and ambulance paramedics.
We offer a confidential and easy-to-use service providing Reiki treatments without cost.

Reiki Medic-care Practitioners

Our team of carefully selected Reiki Medic-Care practitioners in the UK are insured members of an accredited register or a Reiki Council member organisation, having signed codes of conduct and ethics. The Reiki Council is the lead body for Reiki in the UK.

Reiki Council fully endorses the Reiki Medic-Care initiative, who are still recruiting volunteers for this offering,
Members of any of the above named organisations can register.

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