Reiki Council Officers

The Reiki Council has a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary and a treasurer in addition to the representatives of its member organisations. 

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Chair: Jeanne Long 

Jeanne is a Reiki Master Teacher teaching accredited/verified Reiki courses. She has been a Reiki Master since 1999, forming the Reiki Connection in 2002.  Being the treasurer of the original Reiki Regulatory Working Group, she become the Reiki Council treasurer when the Reiki Council was formed in 2008followed by Vice-Chair in 2019 and Chair in 2020. Jeanne is also currently the Reiki Council Head of Verification and Education plus serves on the Profession Specific Board for Reiki with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Vice-Chair: Tripuri Dunne 

Tripuri is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher who has worked with Reiki since the early 90's in London, and Norwich in clinical settings. She is member of the Reiki Alliance and currently serves as Membership secretary for The Reiki Association. She has been a representative on Reiki Council since 2008 and was also part of the Reiki Regulatory Working Group from 2004.

Secretary: Samantha Love

Samantha is a Reiki Master working her way towards Verified Practitioner. She is a certified Crystal Healer, Indian Head Massage Practitioner and has an Aromatherapy Diploma. She has built her secretarial skill-set working in Executive Administration at ‘The University of The West of England – Bristol’ for 18 years after finishing college in 2002 and gaining an NVQ in Administration.  Samantha is passionate about Reiki and, in addition to being the secretary for the Reiki Connection,  is excited to be appointed as the Reiki Council secretary.

Treasurer: Rain McManus

Rain has been a Reiki Master since 2019 but has been practising Reiki since 2008.
She was formally the Verification Officer for the Reiki Association who she represents on the Reiki Council.
Her career was in finance and admin before giving it up to run her own business.

Reiki Council member representatives

  • Andy Chrysostomou - The Reiki Guild/CNHC Profession Specific Board
  • Anne-Marie Carratu - UK Reiki Federation/CNHC Profession Specific Board
  • Julia Eversfield - Reiki and Seichem Association - RASA 
  • Dan Stephens - Complementary Health Professionals
  • Gavin Ford - UK Reiki Federation
  • Jeanne Long - The Reiki Connection/CNHC Profession Specific Board
  • Jonathan Stuart - Jikiden Reiki
  • Julia Eversfield - Reiki and Seichem Association - RASA
  • Kate Jones - The Reiki Alliance/CNHC Profession Specific Board
  • Louise Peeters - The Reiki Association
  • Maggie Stanley - The Reiki Connection
  • Mamta Nanda - The Reiki Alliance
  • Rain Mcmanus - The Reiki Association
  • Rika Tanaka - Jikiden Reiki
  • Rosemary Pharo - The Reiki Guild
  • Rupert Fawcett - The Reiki Academy 
  • Samantha Love - The Reiki Connection
  • Suzanne Zacharia - Reiki and Seichem Association - RASA
  • Torsten Lange - The Reiki Academy 
  • Tripuri Dunne - The Reiki Association

In addition we have Sue Malcolm who is the Board representative for Reiki with Animals