About Us

The Reiki Council is a non-profit making, unincorporated organisation.


The Reiki Council objectives are to be the lead advisory body for professional Reiki practitioners in the UK, to uphold the freedom to teach and practise individual styles of Reiki and to operate in the spirit of Reiki and according to Reiki principles.

The Reiki Council has a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary and a treasurer in addition to representatives of its member organisations.

Aims and objectives:

  • To promote Reiki and its professional practice in the UK, encouraging the development of Reiki as a physical and spiritual practice
  • To advise on standards for professional Reiki practitioners
  • To be a forum for associations with Reiki members in the UK
  • To bring together and consult with the diverse strands of Reiki with lineages traceable back to Mikao Usui, who attune in person,
    face-to-face and who are in agreement with the definition of Reiki as agreed by the Reiki Council
  • To represent the majority of professional Reiki practitioners who are resident in the UK and to provide a collective voice within the field of Reiki through which to initiate and maintain a dialogue with Government, Civil, Medical, Paramedical and other relevant bodies, in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Reiki Council
  • To foster and encourage the development of research in all and any branches of knowledge which are pertinent to the field of Reiki.
  • To establish links with other Reiki organisations worldwide.

Reiki Council Member Organisations

Jikiden Reiki UK

Web address:  https://jikidenreikiuk.com 
Email:  info@jikidenreikiuk.com 
Contact: Rika Tanaka

The Reiki Association (TRA)

Web address: www.reikiassociation.net
Email: memsec@reikiassociation.net
Contact: Tripuri Dunne
Reiki Association Directory tel: +44 (0)1373 229 732

The Reiki Connection (TRC)

Web address: www.reikiconnection.co.uk
Courses & Practitioners: www.reikiconnection.co.uk/Reiki-Course-Dates.php
Email: jeanne@reikiconnection.co.uk 
Contact: Jeanne Long
Address: 53 Frampton End Road, Frampton Cotterell, South Glos, BS36 2JY
Tel: +44 (0)1454 853 972 or +44 (0)7748 185491

UK Reiki Federation (UKRF)

Web address: www.reikifed.co.uk 
Courses: www.reikifed.co.uk/accredited-courses-directory/ 
Practitioner Register: www.reikifed.co.uk/animal-reiki-practitioners-directory/  
Email: admin@reikifed.co.uk
Contact: Sarah Laing
Address: 9 Barnfield Close, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 1QR
Tel: +44 (0) 203 745 9746

The Reiki Guild (TRG)

Web address: www.thereikiguild.co.uk
Email: info@thereikiguild.co.uk
Contact: Rosemary Pharo
Address: 7 Deer Park Way, West Wickham, Kent BR4 9QQ
Tel: +44 (0)20 8462 1224

Reiki & Seichem Association (RASA)

Web address: www.reikiseichem.org 
Email: joanna@reikiseichem.org or brenda@reikiseichem.org
Contact: Joanna Porter or Brenda Davies
Tel: +44 (0)1340 832311
Membership Office and Bookshop tel: +44 (0)1303 239 334

Complementary Health Professionals

Web address: https://www.complementaryhealthprofessionals.co.uk/
Email Dan: 
Dan Stephens

The Reiki Alliance

Web address: www.reikialliance.com
Email: mail@reikialliance.org.uk
Contact: Kate Jones
Tel: +44 (0)7817 250762