National Reiki Course Verification

The aim of the Reiki Council course verification process is to recognise courses or suites of courses that can be proven to prepare students for professional practice. The courses will aim to assess against the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and the Reiki Council Core Curriculum.

While the majority of people who learn Reiki, do so in order to help themselves and their families and friends, it is the belief of the Reiki Council that increasingly students are looking for courses that are recognised and that can fully prepare them to run a practice, should they wish.

Any Reiki teacher can apply, irrespective of belonging to any specific organisation or none.  The Reiki teacher/course provider must have successfullycompleted the Reiki Council / CNHC Verified Practitioner process themselves and hold a Reiki Council Verified Practitioner Certificate.

The course is to comply with the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and follow the CNHC Core Curriculum

Benefits of this process

  • Your courses will be listed by CNHC and GRCCT. You will receive a logo that you can use on your website, stationery etc. to publicise your courses.
  • There is a link from the Reiki Council website to the listing of nationally verified courses  – see link below
  • Your students will gain automatic entry to national registers and professional associations should they wish to join one once they complete the practitioner level successfully.
  • Your professional practitioner students will benefit from an independent assessment of their Reiki training – something that is required by the sector skills body for health, Skills for Health – if they are to prove they are practising at a professional level.
  • Teaching groups can apply for this as a group of teachers, working together. This means that those teachers who may wish to teach Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 but not professional practitioner can work together with a teacher who does wish to teach practitioner level.

What do you need?

To apply, you

  • Will have a recognisable Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui
  • Will have held a master/teacher or Reiki teaching certificate for at least two years since your Reiki 3 training?
  • You will have learnt Reiki in person – not via internet or distance and so will all the teachers before you in your lineage
  • You will have received the traditional attunements/initiations/reiju for Reiki for all your levels
  • You undertake to teach using the traditional attunements/initiations/reiju at all levels and to undertake to give all of these in person.
  • You will be able to show how you can take a student from a Reiki 1 beginner right through to a professional practitioner level in a series of different classes and learning.
  • Your courses will be able to meet the minimum suggested learning hours of the Reiki Council Core Curriculum.


Organisations, you can currently apply through are Reiki Council member organisations who accept members and non-member applicants for the process. These are:

The Reiki Association – for contact please click here

The Reiki Connection  – for contact please click here

The Reiki Guild – for contact please click here.

UK Reiki Federation – for contact please click here.

Complementary Healthcare Professionals – for contact please click here

Note: To access information on courses that have been nationally verified and listed on the CNHC Register, please go here.