Practitioner Verification

Benefits of National Verification for the Practitioner

Having practitioner verification from a Reiki Council member organisation is a way of showing the public that you meet National Occupational Standards for Reiki plus the educational standards for professional practice set by the Reiki Council.

It will also gain you automatic access to appear on a National Register – CNHC or GRCCT, should you wish to. Some hospitals require registration with an independent regulator such as CNHC or GRCCT.

For members of the public, it means being certain that a practitioner has the experience, knowledge, skills and understanding to run a professional Reiki practice and that their lineage and qualifications have been checked.  Practitioners can use a logo as proof of this on their marketing material.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you can arrange verification via the following members of the Reiki Council who accept applications for verification from both members and non-members.  

Reiki Council Verification Process is offered by:

The Reiki Association  please click here to contact 

The Reiki Connection – please click here to contact

The Reiki Guild  please click here to contact 

UK Reiki Federation  – please click here to contact 

Complementary Healthcare Professionals  – please click here to contact

Please note that costs and requirements may vary slightly between organisations. Feel free to ask respectively.