Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


For the purposes of regulation and best practice, professional/registered Reiki practitioners should evidence that they are continuing to develop professionally. This means demonstrating that they are keeping up with changes and developments in their field of practice and in the law. To download full version of the Reiki Council CPD guidelines, please click here.


CPD is a range of learning activities through which professionals continue to develop throughout their career to ensure that they maintain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

Changes in the evidence base and the skill requirements of a professional make CPD a career long process through which professionals remain up-to-date by increasing and enhancing their competence.


The professional/registered Reiki practitioner

  • gains knowledge, understanding, experience, confidence, satisfaction and enthusiasm, which serves to support their development within the Reiki and wider healthcare communities
  • the identity and reputation of Reiki is enhanced by the practitioner’s commitment to CPD, and respect with the public is increased, which in turn assists the process of Voluntary Self-Regulation (VSR)
  • professional/registered Reiki practitioners who meet their CPD requirements will be better placed to offer their clients the best possible care
  • professional/registered Reiki practitioners will also be able to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and extending their knowledge and competence in the interests of clients
  • CPD provides documented evidence of their commitment to their chosen profession and of their continued competence
  • anticipates change whilst not being driven by it
  • ensures best practice.

The employer/business/organisation

  • ensures that professionals are capable, competent and well trained contributes to organisational goals and service provision.

The profession

  • increasingly professional bodies are being required to demonstrate that their members are taking a systematic approach to CPD in order to maintain standards of professional practice.

The public

  • Are reassured that professional/registered Reiki practitioners maintain and develop their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis, giving them confidence in the service.