Reiki Experiences

C.G. ‘Sometimes in life the unthinkable happens; dreams get deterred, you lose someone you simply can’t bear to live without, you fall sick. For me, it was the later. You never think at age 25, living your youth so voraciously that your doctor can say the words, “you have stage IV cancer”.  In these times of chaos you are forced to look inward because nothing makes sense on the outside. But finding strength powerful enough to beat something like that can’t simply be found. I had my first reiki session just after my first chemo. I had never been a spiritual person. After that first session, almost instantly and so magically, an inner peace began to develop. From the moment I was diagnosed to the moment I started reiki my life was swathed in fear. Fear for my life, and fear of the unknown. When I started reiki and began to shift away the negative energies that I had engulfed myself in, a comforting feeling that I was going to be okay took their place. I still feel new to the practice and often when asked find it hard to describe what it is exactly that reiki does to keep me so hooked. However, I know that it makes me feel centered and whole and the many fragmented aspects of my life that reaped perpetual stress and havoc on me have now been ironed over with a deeper understanding and awareness.  It is impossible to imagine my journey of beating cancer without it. Whatever your motive may be in starting reiki, the undeniable benefits of feeling at peace, comforted and balanced after every session will help you through anything that you may be facing in life.’

Dan Kelly: ‘The death of a loved one, and the complex, tangled web of emotions that accompany such an event in one’s life, confronted me a couple of years ago for the first time. I was 23 then, and only my grandfather, who I had not known so deeply had passed on ten years prior. This time around, it was a girl aged 21 – she had been someone I had previously dated and, and the very foundation, someone I intended to keep and love in my life in whichever form that may have come. After fighting anaphylactic shock, she disappeared from my life and many others.

I can only speak for how I dealt with this experience, in that I can’t possibly imagine what it feels like to lose a daughter, a sister or a friend in its many definitions. All I know is that I cared about her.

I fell into something of a dark spiral in my life, whereby I distracted myself from the immense, rolling waves of darkness that would often threaten to suffocate me in normal, everyday activities and day-to-day life. I was in a state of shock – that I couldn’t see her ever again, it felt like someone had torn the arm from my shoulder. I was confused, I fell into the arms of various women, prescription drugs and an array of other distractions, like becoming far too regular a visitor to the local gym, which may have appeared externally as perfectly normal but, for me, were all forms of self-harm. I didn’t want to be in shock. I wanted to hurt. I wanted to feel. And when I eventually felt, it was all far too much, and I attempted to end my life.

Of course, I didn’t – only for a moment did I start to whip the wheel of my car sharply to the left. I stopped myself, howling though I may have been at the time. I was completely and utterly lost in what felt to be a vast, empty yet claustrophobic world.

It was through that young girl’s mother, who practiced Reiki, that I found some solace. Amongst various other changes in my life, including speaking with a therapist, my parents, my friends and moving so that my commute to work wasn’t so long and dreary, I found myself coming to, as it were. I felt more present in life.

I’m still learning how Reiki works – I am young, and I shan’t make out as though I understand the ins and outs, and what it has specifically done for me in the ‘correct terms’. However, what I can say is this: every time I attend a session, I feel something. Things in my life no longer feel like coincidences, but as though they are just right and meant to be there. I feel as though I really feel what others feel, see the things around me clearer and, above all else, I have realised that my headstrong opinions about ‘what happens when one dies’ are no longer set in stone.

While I may not know what happens after this life, Reiki opened my eyes to an array of possibilities. It made me see that I have no reason to be scared, or to fear darkness. It is this uncertainty that initially made me confused, yet oddly calmed. Then, through Reiki, I learnt to trust my emotion and, rather than dismiss or question the thoughts, dreams and emotions I experienced, I embraced them and followed them to wherever they may take me.

From who I used to be and how lost I was, I can’t possibly be more grateful than I am for the eye-opening experiences I have had so far. My dreams have meaning, and my life has meaning, and I quite simply can’t think of a better way to live or see my life’.


Andrea White: ‘These Reiki treatments have been very important.  I have found that they create a space, hard to come by in our lives, in which a different awareness is made possible, and that awareness stays with me or at least is more available to me now more often. My experience has been that the treatments promote balance and well-being and an emotional and mental calmness.  Physically too, I have found that my symptoms have eased. Often the relaxation that the treatments afford is very, very deep, and the relief from fatigue and stress is profound. They have made a difference in my life’