Regulators for Reiki practitioners

The Reiki Council, as the lead body for Reiki practitioners in the UK, believes all publicly practising Reiki practitioners can choose if they wish to join a national register and who they prefer to register with. You do not legally have to register with any regulatory authority.

General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapy (GRCCT)
To register, go here.

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
To register, go here.

Why is the Reiki Council not set up as a regulator?

After considerable debate, the Reiki Council came to the opinion that a single regulator (i.e. just for Reiki public practitioners) would serve neither the public, not the practitioners. This is because the majority of practising Reiki professionals are multi-therapists. Logic dictated that the best way to serve the public was through a multi-therapy regulator, because more practitioners would be likely to join a ‘one-stop’ shop. For practitioners the costs of joining a multi-therapy regulator would be less than of having to join a number of single-therapy regulators. The choice as to whether to register lies with the individual practitioner.

The role of the Reiki Council therefore was to be a body that could advise people practising Reiki publicly (professional practitioners), advise regulators, advise qualifications authorities and any other relevant body that wished to know best practice standards for Reiki practitioners. The Reiki Council therefore became the lead advisory council for Reiki practitioners in the UK.