Reiki Council Code of Conduct and Ethics for professional Reiki practitioners

The majority of people learn Reiki for themselves, the Code of Conduct and Ethics (Code) is for those Reiki practitioners, who are giving Reiki to the general public. This Code is intended for guidance and assistance to Professional Reiki Practitioners and to protect the interests of the public. It describes the standards of conduct and practice required of professional Reiki practitioners.

The purpose of this Code and its procedures is to ensure that any complaint made to the regulator is dealt with in a fair, clear and impartial manner. A practitioner will agree to operate in accordance with the agreed Code and is expected to maintain high standards of care, competence and conduct.

This Code forms the basis upon which the conduct of any practitioner will be assessed in the event of a complaint, although it cannot cover every eventuality. Any concern raised to the regulator is to be dealt with in a fair, clear and impartial manner. It is the responsibility of every practitioner to understand the content of this Code and to keep up to date with current legislation and local by-laws.